Ways to Engage

SIP offers innovation support to SMEs at zero cost through bespoke consultancy projects and delivery of industry focused practical workshops.

Bespoke Consultancy

If you have a technical challenge within your business that’s holding you back, SIP can provide you with access to university facilities and academic experts to help you overcome that challenge. We will work with you to scope out and design a consultancy project delivered by university academics, and at no cost to you. Whilst the average project involves around 8 days of academic time, there is flexibility to accommodate deeper collaborations and we will discuss this at the initial project scoping stage. Example projects could include new product and packaging design, production improvements, engineering solutions, materials testing and assessment etc.


If you’re looking to gain new transferrable knowledge to help your business innovate and grow, we run industry focussed practical workshops and webinars that are delivered by academic experts and cover a wide variety of topics. Subject matter can range from detailed technical and scientific offers, to innovation in leadership and management. Visit our events page to find out more and register for an event.

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