14th June

Innovation opportunities through digital storytelling for Wineries


This two-hour webinar shares findings from bespoke research, carried out by the CHEFS research cluster, on Midlands and North regional wineries’ digital marketing, and identifies innovation opportunities for individual wineries and the region. Participants will benefit from gaining strategic marketing insight that is specific to their local market context, networking with regional peers, advancing the development of a coherent regional wine identity, and accessing research expertise and resources through Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield Business School, and CHEFS (Culture, Health, Environment, Food and Society Research Cluster) research cluster.

About this Event

The webinar is aimed at stakeholders in the Midlands and North regional wine sector, including winery owners and winemakers, wine retailers, wine educators and those from the hospitality and tourism sector.
The mainstay of the webinar is a report of findings from research led by Professor Jennifer Smith Maguire and Dr John Dunning of Sheffield Business School and the CHEFS (Culture, Health, Environment, Food and Society) research cluster. This webinar will cover:

• What role can digital storytelling play in value creation? An introduction to the current evidence base for the impact and hallmarks of effective storytelling and digital marketing for the wine sector.

• What is the regional wine sector’s current state of play for digital marketing? An analysis of findings from a survey of regional wineries, and audit of current winery digital marketing.

• What are the opportunities for innovation? An overview of key findings, including opportunities for digital marketing development, and crafting a compelling regional wine story.

Participants will have plenty of opportunities to discuss and ask questions, and the webinar will conclude with an informal ‘roundtable’ discussion of potential next steps regarding research collaborations, networking, and how Sheffield Hallam University can best support the development of a thriving regional wine sector.

Please note - This webinar will be recorded and will be made available through the CHEFS website. Participant consent will be obtained prior to the event.

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