23rd September

Sheffield City Region Med Tech Forum 2020


Join us to see how Sheffield Hallam University, as part of the Sheffield Innovation Programme (SIP) can work with you to provide support, funding and partnership for projects and applying for grants. The event aims to create opportunities for your business, looking at collaborative ideas and funding ventures to move your business forward.

10-00 - 10-05 Introduction by Dr Jillian Newton, Grow MedTech Technology Innovation Manager and Biomolecular Science Research Centre Research Fellow
10-05 - 10-15 Sheffield Innovation Programme (SIP) manager, Ian Henderson to talk about funding available through SIP.
10-15 – 10-25 Grow MedTech Technology Innovation Manager, Dr Alice Bullas to discuss how Grow MedTech can help with funding streams and grant applications

Project Examples
10-25 – 10-30 Academic lead project 1 TBC
10-30 – 10-35 Academic lead project 2 TBC
10-40 -10-45 Academic lead project 3 TBC
10-50 – 10-55 Business lead Project TBC
10-55 – 11-00 Business lead project TBC
11-00 -11-05 Business lead project TBC
11-05 – 11-15 Round Table forum and questions from the floor
11-15 – 11-25 Next Steps

This forum was supported and funded by the Sheffield Innovation Programme and Grow MedTech programme
Contacts: Dr Jillian Newton, Commercial Researcher and SIP Co-ordinator within the BMRC, 0114 2252717

Sheffield Hallam University has a long and successful career of working with industry and our focus will be to showcase research possibilities and funding streams.

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