9th May & 10th May

An Introduction to Data Analytics with Sport Engineering

Collegiate Campus, SHU

Data - it's everywhere and has become indispensable in research and business. The Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre specialise in Data; from its collection to its analysis, interpretation and presentation. Come experience the training experts in their quest to conquer data and explore how examples from Sports Engineering could help you and your business.

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14th May & 15th May

Introduction to CAD

AMRC Training Centre

A two day introduction to the basic concepts for producing CAD 3D models and orthographic projection drawings. Throughout the workshop you will cover many different functions on CAD software Autodesk Inventor and begin to understand how the software could be utilised in your job role.

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15th May & 16th May

Non-Ferrous Metals & Corrosion

AMRC Training Centre

Providing a full understanding of the processing and characteristics of the major non-ferrous alloy families. Explains the principles of corrosion and how to prevent it. Suitable for anyone involved in the production, trading or application of non-ferrous metals in high temperature, gaseous, aqueous and other corrosive environments.

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22nd May

Employee Wellbeing for SMEs - The Untapped Potential of Your Workforce

Kenwood Hall Hotel, Sheffield

How can I improve productivity and therefore the profitability of my business? Poor productivity is seen as one of the biggest challenges facing the UK. This lunch event will provide insight into what wellbeing actually means and why improving employee wellbeing can help your business to flourish.

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23rd May & 24th May

Architectural Visualisation in VR

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Join the Cultural Communications and Computing Research Institute (C3RI) at Sheffield Hallam University for a two day workshop on Architecture Visualisation in Virtual Reality. C3RI will show you how an architectural concept can be translated into an immersive VR experience with cutting edge software.

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24th May

ThreeSpace; Knowledge Centre for 3D Imaging Launch Evening

SHU Collegiate Crescent

The Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre and Centre for Sports Engineering Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University have years of experience in delivering 3D imaging based research and consultancy projects for a wide variety of clients. This expertise has resulted in the formation of 'ThreeSpace' - a knowledge centre for 3D imaging and the authority in 3D imaging techniques in Health and Sport.

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31st May

Sport Endurance Open Evening

Sheffield Hallam University

Come and learn how Sheffield Hallam can help endurance athletes to be faster and stronger for longer; This open evening in Collegiate Hall at Sheffield Hallam University is to showcase the facilities and technology of The Centre for Sport and Exercise Science (CSES) and the Academy of Sport and Physical Activity.

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19th June & 20th June

Failure Investigation & Microscopy

AMRC Training Centre

Explains the principle mechanisms for failure of metal components and how to investigate failures, including equipment and techniques needed for detailed metallographic investigation. Suitable for anyone involved in the regular or forensic analysis of failed metal components or in the routine examination of microstructures for research or quality control.

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