25th April, 16th May, 20th June, 4th July

Driving Business Success

Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Business School at Sheffield Hallam University will be running a series of practitioner workshops aimed at those in operational or management roles who wish to further optimise their personal effectiveness and impact in driving forward business success. Themes include leadership, innovation, high performance teams and your customer value proposition. Join us for breakfast...

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17th May

Connected Manufacturing – Transformation Through Technology


We will be talking about SIP at the Connected Manufacturing event in Barnsley. This event will give you the opportunity to hear direct from manufacturers who are already increasing efficiency and productivity through the application of digital technologies. Confirmed participants include speakers from Naylor Industries (Barnsley), Stainless Plating (Sheffield) and Coca-Cola European Partners (Wakefield) plus the digital companies that are working with them.

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1st June & 2nd June

An introduction to: Vibration Testing

The University of Sheffield

This course will cover basic single-degree-of-freedom vibrations, introducing the ideas of natural frequencies, dampings and resonance and will involve some laboratory demonstrations. It will cover multi-degree-of-freedom systems in an intuitive manner, avoiding the use of matrix eigenvalues, but explaining the concept of a mode shape.

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7th June

Working With Robots: Human-Robot Co-Working


Robotics experts from both of Sheffield’s universities are collaborating to deliver an innovative workshop to inspire collaboration between the Sheffield Robotics Institute and industry. This is an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about the possibilities offered by the emerging field of Cobotics technologies.

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12th June & 19th June

The Science Of Brewing


The Biomolecular Science Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University are delivering a workshop that will explore the science behind the brewing process and using current research to increase yield and diversify products. The workshop is relevant to Head Brewers and Brewery Technical staff at micro, small and medium sized breweries based in the Sheffield city region.

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7th July

Metals Processing And Applications


Run by the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), this is an opportunity to find out more about SIP and to help shape the topics of future innovation workshops in the area of metals processing and applications. The workshops are aimed at suppliers, manufacturers and sellers of metal products.

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11th July & 18th July

Machine Vision & Embedded Systems


Run across two workshops, you will gain a basic understanding of machine vision applications, what components make up a machine vision system and what the main considerations are when designing a machine vision solution to solve a specific problem in manufacturing.

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11th September & 18th September

The Science of Brewing 2

Sheffield Hallam University

The Biomolecular Science Research Centre are delivering a second programme of workshops over two days, that will explore the science behind the brewing process and how to use current research to increase yield and diversify products. The workshops are relevant to Head Brewers and Brewery Technical staff at micro, small and medium sized breweries based in the Sheffield city region.

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19th September & 26th September

End-User Product Testing in Sport, Health and Wellbeing

Ice Sheffield

The Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC) brings together a wide range of research disciplines to focus on technical innovation in sports, health and wellbeing. This two day workshop, delivered by the AMRC, is on measuring human-product interaction where you will gain insight into the process of designing a test programme to measure product performance, understand methods for data collection and learn principles of data analysis and interpretation.

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12th October

Enabling Innovation and Growth in Business

North East Derbyshire District Council Office

Join us for a free lunch at this event where you can find out about the wealth of support that is available for businesses from starting up to scaling up. Businesses will be provided with information about the Sheffield Innovation Programme and the Business Growth Support offer by the D2N2 and Sheffield City Region Growth Hubs.

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17th October & 24th October

Embracing Food Innovation

Sheffield Hallam University

Consumers are ever more food aware and health conscious and the food industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in how it creates, processes and delivers products to consumers. Consumers want natural and healthier food choices but still tasty products and where possible, that products can satisfy personal requirements. This arising trend brings several challenges in terms of finding the right ingredients, labelling foods and using the right technologies and processes.

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25th October & 26th October

Additive Manufacturing Workshop

AMRC Training Centre

Join the University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in this two day introduction to Additive Manufacturing.
The workshop is aimed at small and medium sized enterprises who are currently using or contemplating using Additive Manufacturing and would like to learn more about its applications and gain hands on experience.

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6th November, 7th November, 8th November

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Sheffield Hallam University

3 day workshop on interdisciplinary building information modelling: cloud enabled design collaboration. This workshop will explore cloud-enabled design collaboration with subsequent remote clash detection and data management with Autodesk as the principle software.

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8th November

New Ways of Working - BIM Dinner

Sheffield Novotel

Sheffield Hallam University's Department of the Natural and Built Environment are hosting a dinner in partnership with Autodesk. Join us to find out more about how cloud enabled design collaboration can improve the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process, and explore other new trends that may affect ways of working over the next decade.

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29th November

Ceramics & Glass Networking Event

Sheffield Hallam University

The Ceramics and Glass evening will focus on local businesses with interests in the ceramics and glass sectors and will provide an opportunity for your business to engage with us through the Sheffield Innovation Programme, and also to network with other businesses in the region.

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30th November & 7th December

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Small Devices

Sheffield Hallam University

This two day workshop will be delivered with the theme of IoT applications, end-to-end infrastructure and communication. The sessions will involve hands on training and will include theory, demonstration and practical components.

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12th January

'Fix It Friday' Consultation Event

Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University are offering Sheffield regional SME's the opportunity to visit the university and speak to our experts on your business needs / ideas. Whatever the nature of your company, this consultancy event will give you the opportunity to talk through a particular problem or innovative idea. At this session you can meet experts from computing, energy engineering, infrastructure management and natural and built environment.

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16th January & 17th January

Heat Treatment Metallurgy

AMRC Training Centre

Providing a basic understanding of the relationships between structure, processing & properties of the more important industrial metals.
Suitable for those in technical, production, quality or commercial roles involving heat treatment.

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23rd January

Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre Networking Event

Sheffield Hallam University

The Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre and Centre for Sports Engineering Research at Sheffield Hallam University are running a breakfast networking event for SME's within the Sheffield city region in sport, health and wellbeing. This event is relevant to companies that wish to find out more about AWRC and its plans towards opening at the Olympic Legacy Park in Spring 2019. Included in the event is a tour of the university facilities as well as a networking opportunity with other businesses over breakfast.

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13th February & 14th February

Steel Metallurgy Workshop

AMRC Training Centre

Providing a working knowledge of the production, processing and applications of alloy & stainless steels. Suitable for those involved in the production, supply and use of all grades of steel.

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7th March & 8th March

High Speed Video Techniques

Collegiate Crescent Campus, SHU

Gain hands on experience using a variety of equipment while you learn from experts about high speed video technology, data capturing techniques and its vast array of applications. This event is ideal for SME's that use, or could use, video to explore the movement of objects or people.

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8th March & 15th March

Connected Manufacturing Workshop


Do you have digital skills and technology that can be applied to the manufacturing sector? Would you value the opportunity to innovate and collaborate with this sector to boost manufacturing and improve productivity? This two day workshop will provide a unique insight into the manufacturing sector for digital businesses focussing on digitisation for manufacturing, servitisation, digital transformation and cyber security in manufacturing and the tools and technologies that can be applied.

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13th March & 14th March

Metals Testing & Quality Control

AMRC Training Centre

Explaining the principle mechanical properties of metals, how they are determined and their relevance to quality control and assurance. This two day workshop is suitable for managers and technicians responsible for the routine testing of metal products in a quality environment.

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15th March

Connected Manufacturing - Digital Transformation Evening

Cutlers' Hall Sheffield

Can Sheffield city region lead a 4th Industrial Revolution? Hear about the importance of innovation for manufacturers and how digital will lead the way with speakers from Siemens and Tinsley Bridge. Engage with others in the digital and manufacturing sectors over this networking dinner.

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20th March

AWRC Spring Networking Meeting

UTC Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park

Are you a Sheffield City Region SME working in the area of wellbeing, exercise or sport where technology plays an important role in your products or services? Have you heard about the new Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC) opening on the Olympic Legacy Park in April 2019? In one of several roles the AWRC aims to act as an Emerging Technologies Hub for the sector, and we wish to have a conversation on how you think this might work to grow innovation in regional businesses.

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23rd March

Sheffield Hallam Community Sport Club Breakfast Event

Sheffield Hallam University Collegiate Crescent

The Centre for Sport and Exercise Science and The Academy of Sport and Physical Activity at SHU would like to create an informal network of clubs, teams, coaches and sport organisation representatives whom we can work with, collaborate with and support. This breakfast event will explore this idea and also focus on your club situation, successes and frustrations; what’s working and what you need to do to improve?

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10th April & 11th April

Metals Processing & Manufacturing Technologies

AMRC Training Centre

Outlines the primary and secondary processing of the major industrial alloys and the downstream processes used to engineer finished components. This two day workshop is suitable for anyone requiring an overall understanding of the processing principles and methods of manufacture of semi-finished and finished metal products.

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14th May & 15th May

Introduction to CAD

AMRC Training Centre

A two day introduction to the basic concepts for producing CAD 3D models and orthographic projection drawings. Throughout the workshop you will cover many different functions on CAD software Autodesk Inventor and begin to understand how the software could be utilised in your job role.

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15th May & 16th May

Non-Ferrous Metals & Corrosion

AMRC Training Centre

Providing a full understanding of the processing and characteristics of the major non-ferrous alloy families. Explains the principles of corrosion and how to prevent it. Suitable for anyone involved in the production, trading or application of non-ferrous metals in high temperature, gaseous, aqueous and other corrosive environments.

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22nd May

Employee Wellbeing for SMEs - The Untapped Potential of Your Workforce

Kenwood Hall Hotel, Sheffield

How can I improve productivity and therefore the profitability of my business? Poor productivity is seen as one of the biggest challenges facing the UK. This lunch event will provide insight into what wellbeing actually means and why improving employee wellbeing can help your business to flourish.

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23rd May & 24th May

Architectural Visualisation in VR *SOLD OUT*

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Join the Cultural Communications and Computing Research Institute (C3RI) at Sheffield Hallam University for a two day workshop on Architecture Visualisation in Virtual Reality. C3RI will show you how an architectural concept can be translated into an immersive VR experience with cutting edge software.

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31st May

Sport Endurance Open Evening

Sheffield Hallam University

Come and learn how Sheffield Hallam can help endurance athletes to be faster and stronger for longer; This open evening in Collegiate Hall at Sheffield Hallam University is to showcase the facilities and technology of The Centre for Sport and Exercise Science (CSES) and the Academy of Sport and Physical Activity.

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15th June & 22nd June

Using Lean Techniques to Increase Efficiency

United Cast Bar Ltd. Chesterfield

Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology which aims to streamline processes while satisfying customer demands. It helps to reduce cost and the time required to manufacture and it can increase quality and customer satisfaction. This is an opportunity for manufacturing businesses to improve productivity and increase profitability.

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19th June & 20th June

Failure Investigation & Microscopy

AMRC Training Centre

Explains the principle mechanisms for failure of metal components and how to investigate failures, including equipment and techniques needed for detailed metallographic investigation. Suitable for anyone involved in the regular or forensic analysis of failed metal components or in the routine examination of microstructures for research or quality control.

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28th June & 5th July

Workplace Wellbeing Workshop

Tankersley Manor Hotel

The workshop will provide insight into what wellbeing actually means and why improving employee wellbeing can help your business to flourish. Join us to discover great tools and techniques to support your workforce. There will be opportunities at the workshop for learning through taster courses such as mental resilience, line manager training and exercise for health.

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3rd July & 4th July

Visual Programming Workshop

Sheffield Hallam University

Visual programming allows programs to be treated as visual objects. Visualisation techniques within program development are tools for non-specialist or novice users to begin to understand what is being computed. This workshop aims to present ways to open the “blackbox of code”. The boundary between users and programmers has become more blurred with the introduction of powerful tools that end users are expected to control or configure. This workshop will explore the visual and interactive techniques than help effectively bridge the boundary.

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17th July & 18th July

Heat Treatment Workshop

AMRC Training Centre

Providing a basic understanding of the relationships between structure, processing & properties of the more important industrial metals.
Suitable for those in technical, production, quality or commercial roles involving heat treatment

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25th July & 18th September

Care Homes and Technology Innovation

Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park

Health and Wellness monitoring technologies are booming. Whilst such technology could enhance the health, wellness and safety of residents and staff, and reduce staff burden, the translation of this technology to the Care Home sector appears to have been limited. This workshop will draw on the expertise of the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC) and the Centre for Sports Engineering Research (CSER) in monitoring technologies, in particular those from the GB Boxing team, to explore how care homes could take advantage of monitoring technologies

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3rd September & 4th September

Introduction to CAD

AMRC Training Centre

A two day introduction to the basic concepts for producing CAD 3D models and orthographic projection drawings
This workshop enables the candidate to gain an understanding of the basic concepts of CAD modelling to enable them to independently produce their own orthographic projections (working drawings).
Throughout the workshop you will cover many different functions on CAD software Autodesk Inventor and begin to understand how the software could be utilised in your job role as a CAD operator. By the end of the workshop you will be able to competently produce CAD 3D models and orthographic projection drawings to specified sizes for a wide range of engineering applications.

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4th September & 5th September

Steel Metallurgy

AMRC Training Centre

Providing a working knowledge of the production, processing and applications of
alloy & stainless steels.
Suitable for those involved in the production, supply and use of all grades of steel.

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19th September & 20th September

Driving Business Success- Barnsley

Barnsley Digital Media Centre

Sheffield Business School at Sheffield Hallam University will be running a workshop aimed at those in operational or management roles who wish to further optimise their personal effectiveness and impact in driving forward business success. Themes include leadership, innovation, high performance teams and your customer value proposition.

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24th September & 1st October

Brewing Skills Gap Workshop

Sheffield Hallam University - Surrey Building

After the success of the Brewing Workshop in 2017, SHU are delivering a workshop that will bridge the gap between the General Certificate in Brewing (GCB) and the MSc in Brewing Science.

The workshop will cover:
- Basics of microbiology
- Genetics of yeast strains
- Storage and handling of yeast
- Yeast strain selection
- Basics of organic chemistry
- The molecular process and chemistry of brewing
- Brewing analysis
- Laboratory techniques to include microscopy, sterile techniques, plating out, UV-VIS colour and bitter analysis

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3rd October & 4th October

Cyber Security for SME's

Crucible Theatre Sheffield - Adelphi Room

In today’s world Cyber Security is an essential requirement for all organisations which cannot be ignored!
This workshop gives SMEs a toolkit to help protect themselves from cyber attacks and data breaches, alongside practical advice from South Yorkshire Police as to what to do when an attack happens.

The highly participatory workshop will combine a mix of presentations, practical examples and group exercises focusing on issues that are of direct relevance to your business.
Led by Cyber Security expert Prof. John Clark, the workshop includes practical sessions from the South Yorkshire Police Cyber and Digital Team, and leading network security professionals from the University of Sheffield Computing Service.

You'll also learn; Risk assessment and control, What goes wrong in practice, Cyber Essentials and what can be done to protect your business.

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4th October & 22nd October

Return to Work

Halifax Hall/The Edge, Sheffield

The issue of work and mental health has been continually rising up the agenda of employers. Mental health (e.g. depression, anxiety, stress-related problems) is the leading cause of sickness in the UK and more needs to be done to help people stay well at work.

These free workshops run by The University of Sheffield Management School, South Yorkshire Housing Association and the Department for Work and Pensions will help you to understand how you can transform your back-to-work support for employees with mental health problems and help them to stay in work. The workshops will be interactive and include direct expert input, group discussions, questions and answers, and trying out solutions, including recently developed toolkits that SMEs can use to develop practical strategies for supporting employees

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10th October & 11th October

Skills Acquisition and Talent Development in Sport

Rotherham Football Club - Aesseal New York Stadium, S60 1FJ

This two-day event will explore the contemporary theoretical ideas on skill acquisition and talent development in sport.

Delegates will have the opportunity to consider the practical application of the key scientific principles underlying the constraints-led perspective on developing skilled and talented athletes. This workshop will provide an understand of the applied scientific principles behind how to create an ecological context that helps learners to enhance their skill, athleticism and talent in different sports.

The workshop will draw on expertise from the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC) and will be led by experts in skill acquisition, along with world leading practitioners and academics.

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15th October & 16th October

3D Modelling - Digitalising Construction for SME's

Heart of the Campus - Room HC 1.47 Collegiate Crescent - S10 2BP Sheffield

Join us at this free workshop to find out about digital construction, understand how you can engage with BIM and the commercial benefits for your business. The advantages include creating efficiencies, reducing cost, increasing profitability and opening the door to new commercial opportunities.

It is becoming increasingly important for SMEs in the construction supply chain to engage with digital technologies. Adoption can promote business growth and help to secure contracts in the private and public sector. National and international construction businesses are looking for their supply chains to adopt BIM and government contracts require suppliers to operate in a BIM environment.

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18th October

Chatbots: The Future Now

Crucible Theatre | 55 Norfolk Street | S1 1DA Sheffield | United Kingdom

Join us for an introduction to Chatbots, discover the potential for utilisation in sport and leisure  and  the applications for your organisation.

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23rd October

Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Technology - Networking Event

Sheffield Hallam University - Hertha Ayrton Centre

Join us at the Hertha Ayrton Centre at Sheffield Hallam University to find out more about the potential of additive manufacturing and 3D printing from an end-user's prospective; its benefits, challenges and current/future trends. We will provide details of routes to regional and national funding to help your business introduce or make use of additive manufacturing and 3D printing in partnership with the University. It includes a tour of our facilities and there will be representatives from additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology and software companies.

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25th October & 26th October

Clear Ideas for Innovation

The Circle | Rockingham Lane | S1 4FW Sheffield | United Kingdom

Many innovations fail to be implemented by SMEs because of poor business planning, failure to understand the target market’s needs, lack of creative solutions, and poor implementation strategies. To address these problems, this two-day CLEAR IDEAS training programme has been designed for anyone working in an SME who wants to spark creative thinking and accelerate implementation of innovation. The programme will also offer an opportunity for networking with other SMEs, in both formal and informal settings, to share challenges and learn to collaborate more effectively.

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30th October & 31st October

Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists

AMRC Training Centre

A two day technical overview of the scientific principles underlying metals technology and how they are applied in practice.
The course aims to provide a sound understanding of the scientific principles of metallurgy and how to apply them to specify and process metals in an industrial context. Some prior understanding of metallurgical principles is assumed.

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3rd June

South Yorkshire Chemical Industries Forum

Hallam View | Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1EB

The South Yorkshire Chemical Industries Forum aims to create opportunities for your business, looking at collaborative ideas and funding ventures to move your business forward.  The evening will include tours of Sheffield Hallam's Biomolecular Sciences Research Centre and Materials and Engineering Research Institute's laboratories, along with talks from invited professional speakers, followed by a networking opportunity with wine, refreshments and buffet. 

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10th June

Physiotherapy and new advances in body measurement webinar

Online Zoom Webinar

This webinar is aimed at Physiotherapy and Rehab businesses with an interest in developing their practice through awareness and potential future adoption of new digital techniques for body, body segment, and movement measurement.

Programme Information

3D imaging technology has opened up the potential for fast, accurate, and automatic measurement of the human body. The combination of low-cost imaging depth cameras and developments in computer vision techniques has brought such technologies within reach of a wider audience. We will discuss some of the work and projects we have done in this area. We will also present our work on pioneering new and novel ways of human body measurement that account for the shape of the human body as well as its size.
In recent years markerless 3D body tracking techniques have advanced how posture and movement can be assessed whilst minimising intrusion to the patient or performer. This potentially liberates practitioners from the restrictions of expensive specialist laboratories for accurate movement measurements. We will present and discuss a range of markerless application-specific tools we have developed using OpenPose that can assess human movement in sport and healthcare settings.
The webinar will also provide a brief overview of two R&D funding programmes at SHU that support business innovations in the region and may be of interest. These are the Sheffield Innovation Programme (SIP), and Grow Med Tech.

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30th June

Senior Team Effectiveness Programme - Dates TBA

Online via Zoom

A series of Leadership Innovation activities funded by the SIP programme to support leaders of SMEs in the Sheffield City Region to
survive and thrive, in particular, through the current COVID-19 pandemic.

6-week programme for senior leadership teams to examine how effectively and innovatively they are leading their organisations to develop and deliver an Effectiveness Improvement Plan.

• Develop your senior team’s Effectiveness Improvement plan
• Refocus your own and other’s efforts on what’s most
important at this time
• Opportunity to collaborate with like-minded senior leaders

• Led by industry recognised experts in organisation and team effectiveness
• Addressing your specific organisational needs and innovation
• Using helpful conceptual models for fresh insight
• Zoom online delivery for ease of access

• Each programme will be for 3 senior teams
• These teams will need to be in non-competing sectors and will be willing to collaborate
• Each team will comprise the senior leader (e.g. MD, CEO, Director level) and her / his senior team of circa 3-6 people
• Leaders and teams will commit to participate fully during the programme timeslots
• We will deliver the programme by Zoom and all participants will need adequate PC and broadband access. Participants do not need to be co-located
Our approach to leadership development executive education
• Our teaching methods are work-based and centred around the principles of active learning.
• You will be taught by experienced practitioner academics who are encouraging, supportive and thought-provoking.
• We won't talk at you or tell you how you should be as a leader. Instead, we will help you get in touch with your motivation to learn
and understand how you can make an improved impact on your organisation's performance.
• In addition, we will help you to understand practical conceptual models and apply them, during the workshop, to your real-life work projects. We will help you reflect on this application and your learning, and you will gain further from the shared learning from other people in your cohort.
• We will support your learning with examples, case studies, class discussions, small group work and personal reflection.

For more information and to discuss registering your interest please email

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6th July, 7th July, 8th July, 9th July, 10th July, 13th July, 14th July

Leading Through Turbulent Change Webinar Series

Online Webinar

Leading through Turbulent Change

A programme of high-impact, daily 2-hour Leadership Innovation Webinars continuing on the 6th July.

In the face of the dramatic impact of COVID19 and keeping to public health guidelines, businesses, leaders and employees are experiencing turbulent change. Life and work are changing before our eyes, old challenges have become harder and it can be difficult to see the opportunities and paths ahead for our organisations.

After a very successful trial with Sheffield City Region SME leaders, we have launched a series of daily webinars focusing on a range of critical leadership topics to help you lead your organisations through these challenging times.

We’re keen for all regional SME leaders to join this programme, regardless of your situation. You might be in a great place with increased orders in which case we can help you lead yourself and your organisation to success. We’d also like you to join us if your organisation is be going through more difficult times; we’re sure we can help.

Each webinar is designed to help leaders take some time away from their day-to-day pressures and to re-calibrate their mindsets, roles and leadership practices to the current challenges and new opportunities.

These are high-quality events. Recent participants were extremely positive about their experiences; all people said that the webinars have helped them better lead their organisations through these turbulent times.


Monday 6th July 12 pm – 2 pm: Leading Ourselves through Turbulent Change
Tuesday 7th July 12 pm – 2 pm: Leading Others through Turbulent Change
Wednesday 8th July 12 pm – 2 pm: Leading Organisational Change
Thursday 9th July 12 pm – 2 pm: Leading Others (Intermediate Coaching Skills)
Friday 10th July 12 pm - 2 pm: Mobilising Practice & Learning Groups
Monday 13th July 12 pm - 2 pm: Engaging Employees with Change
Tuesday 14th July 12 pm - 2 pm: Leading Organisational Change

Webinars will be delivered by Vincent Traynor and Dr Sarah Fidment who are leadership and change matter experts from Sheffield Business School.
Webinars will be Zoom-based and no preparation is needed You’ll find them to be engaging, collaborative, applied and, most of all, helpful.

Please note that we will not be offering any advice or guidance relating to the government’s COVID 19 response.

These webinars delivered by SHU are provided for information purposes only. It is general and educational in nature. The content of the webinar does not constitute specific business or professional advice

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16th July

SHU Bru 2020 - to be rescheduled, new date TBA

The National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering | 811 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, S9 2AA

We are planning to reschedule this event to a later date in the year once we are able to safely return to university facilities, however, a new date has yet to be confirmed. New details will be announced as soon as possible.

Sheffield Hallam University would like to invite eligible businesses to SHU Brew 2020. The very first free conference held specifically for the microbrewing community in the Sheffield City Region. The day aims to present beer research, business insight, promotion, packaging & marketing ideas and to create opportunities for your business by looking at collaborative ideas and funding ventures to move your business forward.  Lunch and refreshments will also be provided.
There will also be a free beer tasting competition where we ask you to bring along a bottle of your best low alcoholic beer.  If you wish to take part in the free beer tasting competition please select 1 entry ticket from the add on section when registering your interest.

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24th February

Managing remote working staff as an SME in the 'new normal'

Online via Zoom

Please join us for the upcoming webinar to investigate innovative potential solutions for managing home working staff. Framed within a model of best practice for SMEs, we look at the key areas for effective team management of dispute resolution, employee wellbeing, employee engagement, online learning and leadership.

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11th March

How can Humanities help you shape and share your organisation's narrative?


How can you envisage new markets, new products or services, new staff practices without being able to imagine the unknown? Creativity is something that can be nurtured and developed. It can lead to innovation, growth, and change. In this online workshop, let us show you how creative techniques can help release your business potential.This series of informal workshops are designed to help staff and leaders explore creative ways to solve problems, develop solutions, and imagine new opportunities. The first set of workshops are below. We will be running additional creative innovation workshops according to demand.

In this series, we want to show how the way we think can help people in their business practices. We want to offer two tried and tested models (creative writing & applied theatre) that have been used successfully for other businesses and show that the soft skills expertise that Sheffield Hallam can offer is powerful and useful and useful as you grow, sustain, and develop your SME.

Session 1 – 11 March 11am – Communicating with staff on Zoom / Teams
Session 2 – 11 March 12pm – The Business Narrative

Workshops will be delivered by Ashley Barnes and Yvonne Battle-Felton and will be Zoom-based and no preparation is needed.

Programme Information:
Session 1 – (Applied Theatre) Communicating with staff on Zoom or Teams
Seminar focus: Verbal communication on Zoom / Teams, active listening, focus, self-consciousness and self-reflection

Who will benefit?
• Anyone who conducts meetings online, line managers, people with training responsibilities, HR, organisations that need to maintain excellent communication with clients

Our agenda will be interactive, collaborative and applied. We will:
• Do a quick demonstration of how the techniques work
• Invite you to sit back and watch, but also recognise the knowledge and skills that you can bring too
• offer some insights and models from research and practice to help you shape some training to your own organisation
• •
Session 2—The Business Narrative
Seminar Focus: reflecting and writing why you and your business do what you do, who you do it for, and what obstacles you’ve faced; and identifying potential obstacles.
Our seminar will be interactive, collaborative, and applied. We will
• Invite you to reflect on your business origin story
• begin writing your business narrative: the story you tell others, the story you tell yourself
• begin writing and imagining post-Covid business opportunities

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31st March & 21st April

Design Innovations for Care


Are you a charity or 3rd sector organisation in the Sheffield region? Would you like to learn about how Sheffield Hallam University has been working with other organisations to develop innovations to support wellbeing?
If so, come along to a webinar hosted by Claire Craig and Helen Fisher. Claire is co-director of Lab4Living, a design-led research group at Sheffield Hallam University which focuses on the role of design in promoting quality of life, and Helen is a Design Research Assistant for the programme. During the webinar, Claire and Helen will describe a range of projects that she and colleagues have engaged in with 3rdsector organisations over the last 10 years. These include the development of materials to promote engagement and interaction for residents in care homes, materials to support conversations about care and games to build social inclusion. They will describe ways that Lab4Living can work with your organisation as part of the Sheffield Innovations Programme.

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19th April, 20th April, 21st April, 22nd April, 27th April, 28th April, 29th April

Introductory Webinar Series


This webinar series aims to introduce Regional SMEs to Sheffield Hallam University Research Centres, giving you the chance to connect with experts and academics, to create funded opportunities for engagement and collaborations to drive your business forward.

Delivered in daily bite-size webinars, you will get the chance to meet university experts, hear about recent projects and learn about the University facilities and expertise which are available to Sheffield City Region SMEs through funded projects with the Sheffield Innovation Programme.


Monday 19th April 11-12:30:
Introduction to Sports and Physical Activity Research Centre (SPARC)

Tuesday 20th April 11-12:30: Introduction to the National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering (NCEFE)

Wednesday 21st April 11-12:30: Introduction to Biomolecular Sciences Research Centre (BMRC)

Thursday 22nd April 13:00-14:30: Introduction to Computing

Tuesday 27th April 11-12:30: Introduction to Materials and Engineering Research Institute (MERI)

Wednesday 28th April 11-12:30: Introduction to Design Futures Product

Thursday 29th April 11-12:30: Introduction to Design Futures Packaging

About the Centres

Sports and Physical Activity Research Centre (SPARC)
SPARC is one of the largest sports and physical activity research clusters in the UK and comprises of four research groups, which carry out internationally renowned, world-class research in sport and human performance, physical activity and health, sport business and economics and sport engineering.
SPARC facilitates collaborations across multiple disciplines to address real world research questions and to have an impact at individual, local and population levels. Its research is delivered with national and international partners, ranging from elite sporting organisations, such as Sport England, Team GB Olympic, and FIFA, to health sectors and charities, including the NHS, Department of Health, Public Health England and Macmillan Cancer Research.

The National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering (NCEFE)
The National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering provides innovative engineering solutions for food and drink manufacturers. A new state of the art facility is open housing a pilot scale manufacturing facility, high care and low care environments, engineering workshops, laboratories, specialist storage facilities including chilled and frozen, and full utility supply to equipment.

Biomolecular Sciences Research Centre (BMRC)
The BMRC has a designated commercial unit with strong industrial links, providing a range of services in bioanalysis and custom synthesis. Their research skills are utilised by local SMEs, national and international companies who access our expertise and facilities in co-development partnerships and contract research projects. BMRC provide high-quality commercial and consultancy services, with expertise in areas including microbiology, cell culture, microscopy, organic molecule synthesis, mass spectrometry.

The Department of Computing currently carries out research that can be categorised by four themes of excellence: People and Technology; Information, Systems and Organisations; Intelligent and Autonomous Technologies and the Digital Economy. Under these broad themes, researchers in the Department are active in a number of areas of theoretical and applied computer science and informatics including: Ad-hoc and sensor networks, Robotics, Machine intelligence, Conceptual structures, Visualisation, Games and Virtual Reality, and Cybersecurity & Edge System Protection

Materials and Engineering Research Institute
The Materials and Engineering Research Institute (MERI) is a dynamic interdisciplinary research institute dedicated to addressing industrial problems through the application of fundamental science and engineering. Their experienced team has a highly successful track record applying cutting edge research to find innovative solutions to industry problems. From material analysis to infrastructure management our solutions generate real competitive advantage. Their research and consultancy activities are supported by a large advanced equipment base, ranging from the latest electron microscopes to high performance computing hardware. MERI encompasses a variety of research centres and groups which enables them to focus on particular areas within the materials and engineering field.

Design Futures Product
Design Futures Product is a commercially focused product design consultancy group based within Sheffield Hallam University. Their approach is inclusive and multidisciplinary. They apply different perspectives to solve problems and exploit opportunities for their clients. Their clients range from small and medium sized enterprises right through to large multinationals. They thrive on developing compelling products to help build commercially successful product ranges.

Design Futures Packaging
Design Futures Packaging are Sheffield Hallam University's team of award-winning packaging designers, providing businesses, both large and small, with cutting edge structural packaging design, independent of manufacture with a focus on environmentally responsible solutions. The team were voted Design Team of the Year at the UK Packaging Awards in 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2020. You can view examples of recent Design Futures work on Instagram at @designfutures_packaging.

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14th June

Innovation opportunities through digital storytelling for Wineries


This two-hour webinar shares findings from bespoke research, carried out by the CHEFS research cluster, on Midlands and North regional wineries’ digital marketing, and identifies innovation opportunities for individual wineries and the region. Participants will benefit from gaining strategic marketing insight that is specific to their local market context, networking with regional peers, advancing the development of a coherent regional wine identity, and accessing research expertise and resources through Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield Business School, and CHEFS (Culture, Health, Environment, Food and Society Research Cluster) research cluster.

About this Event

The webinar is aimed at stakeholders in the Midlands and North regional wine sector, including winery owners and winemakers, wine retailers, wine educators and those from the hospitality and tourism sector.
The mainstay of the webinar is a report of findings from research led by Professor Jennifer Smith Maguire and Dr John Dunning of Sheffield Business School and the CHEFS (Culture, Health, Environment, Food and Society) research cluster. This webinar will cover:

• What role can digital storytelling play in value creation? An introduction to the current evidence base for the impact and hallmarks of effective storytelling and digital marketing for the wine sector.

• What is the regional wine sector’s current state of play for digital marketing? An analysis of findings from a survey of regional wineries, and audit of current winery digital marketing.

• What are the opportunities for innovation? An overview of key findings, including opportunities for digital marketing development, and crafting a compelling regional wine story.

Participants will have plenty of opportunities to discuss and ask questions, and the webinar will conclude with an informal ‘roundtable’ discussion of potential next steps regarding research collaborations, networking, and how Sheffield Hallam University can best support the development of a thriving regional wine sector.

Please note - This webinar will be recorded and will be made available through the CHEFS website. Participant consent will be obtained prior to the event.

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15th June, 16th June, 17th June

The Value of Innovation to Your Business - Supporting You to Innovate


Are you an ambitious medium, small or micro enterprise based in the Sheffield City Region looking to innovate and grow your business?

Come and meet our academics and researchers as they explain why innovation is essential for every organisation, and how they can work with you to use innovation to overcome your challenges and develop new products and services.

About this Event

This free webinar series will provide an overview of the specialisms and facilities Sheffield Hallam University can offer in the form of funded bespoke research and innovation-based consultancy through the Sheffield Innovation Programme and Digital Innovation for Growth. It will give businesses the chance to connect with academics and explore project ideas.

15th June 10:30 to 12:30 - Regional Perspectives on Innovation

16th & 17th June 10:30 to 12:30 - Working With Business - What We Do

This webinar series has been brought to you as part of the Sheffield Hallam University Innovation Festival.

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17th November

Harnessing and developing creative ideas to drive product innovation

The Creative Lounge, Workstation, Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX

Turning good ideas into successful products is the lifeblood of manufacturing companies, but this can be tricky to achieve. How can we increase the number and quality of our ideas? And when we do, how can we ensure that the right ideas are being taken forward? Once we’ve chosen an idea, how might we reduce the development risk and accelerate the time to market?

Using design case studies, the award-winning Design Futures team will give an overview of some of the methods and tools that they use to support product innovation.

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15th February

Digital rehabilitation & movement measurement in sport, health & wellbeing

Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University, Olympic Legacy Park 2 Old Hall Rd, S9 3TU

Join us at our breakfast event on the 15th February to hear from Dr Ben Heller and Dr Marcus Dunn from the Sports Engineering Research Group on the latest research and innovations in digital human movement measurement, and discuss how to answer the ‘so what?’ question of value to your business and customers.

This event will provide an opportunity to network with other businesses in your sector, see the state-of-the-art facilities at our Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, and explore how collaborating with the university can help you drive growth in your business.

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6th April & 20th April

Design Futures: Meet the Experts

The White Building, 10 Fitzalan Square, Sheffield S1 2AZ

Meet the experts from Sheffield Hallam's Design Futures and find out how you can receive funded business support through SHU.

This event will provide the opportunity to meet the academic experts behind Design Futures and discuss how collaborating with the university can help you drive growth in your business. Staff from the Research and Innovation Services at Sheffield Hallam University will also be available to explain the potential funding routes for your business, including the Sheffield Innovation Programme (SIP) and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs).

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8th June

Science Basics for the Microbrewer

National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering (NCEFE)

Are you already active within the brewing industry? Are you interested in developing your knowledge around the science of brewing to further your business success?

Join us at our workshop on the 8th June to hear from Sheffield Hallam’s academic experts from the Biomolecular Science Research Centre. We will be delivering a workshop exploring the basic science and techniques for the microbrewer and providing a tour of the cutting-edge facilities available at the National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering (NCEFE).

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16th June

Data Visualisation in Sport, Health & Wellbeing

Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University, Olympic Legacy Park 2 Old Hall Rd, S9 3TU

Data can be of huge value to a business, and a key factor in extracting that value is how the data can be visualised to create understanding and impact.

Join us at our breakfast event on 16th June to hear our academic experts share their knowledge in the use of data visualisation tools applied to contract research and consultancy projects in sport, health and wellbeing.

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30th June

South Yorkshire Sustainability Support Consortium

Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield City Centre, S1 1WB

Join us on the 30th June for the first South Yorkshire Sustainability Support Consortium breakfast event!

The South Yorkshire sustainability community is coming together to centralise the support available to organisations across the region. You will be at the centre of the consortium, benefiting from events and guidance to all the great organisations that can help you in your journey to become environmentally sustainable.

By working together with you, we’ll be able to support your specific journey and create a green business movement for South Yorkshire.

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11th October

Innovation Support: What your clients need to know

Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University, Olympic Legacy Park 2 Old Hall Rd, S9 3TU

Do you regularly work with local SMEs? Do you want to support your clients to grow and become more innovative and successful? Would access to academic expertise and world-class facilities at zero cost help?

On the 11th October, we’re hosting an event specifically for business intermediaries to enhance their knowledge of the SME innovation support available at Sheffield Hallam University. Join us at our world-class research facilities to find out how your clients can benefit from SHU's funded innovation support programmes.

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19th October

South Yorkshire Sustainability Support Consortium

Sheffield Hallam Student's Union (HUBS), 6 Paternoster Row, Sheffield City Centre, S1 2QQ

Following on from our extremely successful launch event, we have organised the second event based on feedback from your discussions.

The next event will be taking place on Wednesday 19th October and will focus on two key themes: Getting buy-in for action and Carbon measurement.

We have a panel of knowledgeable speakers lined up who will be sharing their experiences, best practice, and discussing both the benefits and challenges their businesses have faced when tackling the themes.

We'll also be running breakout sessions with each of the speakers, giving you the opportunity to discuss the topics in more detail and network with other businesses from the region.

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2nd November

Designing innovative, responsible and sustainable packaging

Electric Works, Sheffield Digital Campus, 3 Concourse Way, Sheffield, S1 2BJ

Design Futures have been designing and developing innovative packaging for over 20 years. Over this period, they have worked with companies of all sizes from start-ups to major multinationals, including Marks and Spencer, Amazon, Tesco and Twinings Tea. Their design work spans a diverse range of markets that include consumer, industrial, FMCG and automotive.

Using design case studies, the team from Design Futures will give an overview of some of the methods and tools they use to create innovative packaging solutions. Staff from the Research and Innovation Services at Sheffield Hallam University will also be speaking about the potential funding routes for businesses, including the Sheffield Innovation Programme (SIP) and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) which are available through the University.

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30th November

Collective Impact through Collaboration

Charles Street Building at Sheffield Hallam University, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB

Sheffield Hallam University is part of the Sheffield Children Youth and Families Consortium and is committed to collaborative working to achieve its vision of creating a city providing equal access to cultural, creative, sporting and physical activities which enrich the lives of children, youth and families living in under-served communities.

This event aims to develop a common understanding of the Collective Impact Framework, raise awareness of the role and ambitions of the consortium and encourage enhanced levels of collaborative working in Sheffield in the future.

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8th December & 9th December

Menopause in the Workplace

Aspect Court, Pond Hill, Sheffield, S1 2BG

Do you work in HR or People Management? Do you know what employees experiencing menopause might need? Could your organisation be offering more support?

On the 8th & 9th December, we're hosting a 2-day workshop exploring menopause in the workplace. Join us to hear from a range of knowledgeable speakers, learn about recent cutting-edge research and discover the best workplace practices you can adopt to support your employees through menopause.

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19th January

South Yorkshire Sustainability Support Consortium

Discovery Room at Sheffield Students' Union, Western Bank, Broomhall, Sheffield, S10 2TG

As part of the South Yorkshire Sustainability Support Consortium event series, we are pleased to announce the third event in the series, which will take place on Thursday 19th January 2023.

A major theme identified by participants at previous events is sustainability through procurement and supply chains. We will focus on three key topics:
• Integrating Sustainability for Competitiveness
• Challenging Conversations
• Social Value

Delegates will be able to attend all these short workshops/discussion sessions with our knowledgeable speakers who will be sharing their experiences, best practice, and illustrating real life case studies.

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