TrYumph In Life CIC offer a variety of physical training options for all ages and abilities, and a broad range of seminars and workshops designed to educate people about ‘real’ health principles.

One important activity of the business is running coaching, with a particular focus on running technique. To do this, they offer a service that analyses videos of clients running.

The challenge:

To improve their video-based coaching, they required a simple video analysis tool that could incorporate the company’s ‘GRACE-full’ running style model. This would provide colourful visualisations and score-based metrics as part of the feedback to clients.

What we did

The project set out to develop a prototype software tool. The process involved identifying videos typical of TrYumph end-users to assess analysis compatibility. Core value statements and meanings for the TrYumph run coaching GRACE-fullness score were then created.

The application of commercially applicable human posture detection algorithms was assessed, and an existing Sheffield Hallam Universitystep-detection algorithm used with human posture detection data was incorporated.

The results

The prototype software currently imports analysed videos and data which allows Tryumph to create bespoke visualisations, derive a running technique score, and export image or video visualisations for feedback to clients.

The software has greatly enhanced the feedback TrYumph are able to offer clients ontheir running technique by both visually highlighting elements that require attention, as well as quantifying these with a score. Asymmetries and misalignments are far more easily detectable, as is the runner’s cadence.

The software is also being used in online physiotherapist screens to measure joint ranges of motion and potential strength/flexibility imbalances.

The tool was featured on BBC One’s  ‘The Truth About Getting Fit at Home’ as a result of the collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University. It is hoped this coverage will encourage more people to start running, which is a key aim of the company

From a business perspective, the project has enabled TrYumph to employ two analysts, one admin staff and a marketing specialist to help serve and reach more clients. The software is a great asset to the company and their objectives.

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