Design Futures

Who are Design Futures?

Design Futures (DF) are a commercially focused product and packaging design consultancy group based within Sheffield Hallam University. At the UK Packaging Awards 2020, the DF packaging team were recognised as Design Team of the Year for the fourth time in six years.

Design Futures understand the role of design and how it can be harnessed to support product, packaging and brand strategies. They have a proven track record of stimulating innovation that can provide significant returns on investment. Their approach is inclusive and multidisciplinary, applying different perspectives to solve problems and exploit opportunities for their clients.


Design Futures thrive on developing compelling products and packaging to help build commercially successful product ranges. Find out how Design Futures helped Tipple Tails transform a product with a new packaging concept. 

What can Design Futures help with?

Product design:

  • Product concept design: Fresh ideas to capture customers’ imagination
  • Appearance and ergonomics: Magic ingredients that create outstanding products
  • Product development: Translating great ideas into great products

Packaging design:

  • Packaging concept design: Innovative structural packaging concepts
  • Packaging design development: The complete packaging design solution
  • Packaging research & testing: Technical investigation to support innovation

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