Slime Party UK are the biggest slime factory in the UK. Based at Goldthorpe, they have a well-established online retail business selling ready-made slimes, slime kits, and sweets.

The challenge:

To expand into retail sales, the company needed to develop a new packaging range that would stand out on the shelf and attract consumers.

What we did

Through the Sheffield Innovation Programme, Slime Party UK were partnered with Sheffield Hallam’s award-winning structural packaging design team Design Futures, with John Kirkby, Creative Director leading the project.


Using the existing company brand as a starting point, Design Futures wanted to develop the branding further so they could create a visually impactful design that would stand out in the traditional retail environment. Working alongside the packaging design team, the Design Futures branding team developed a range of product specific characters that could be added to the packaging to enhance the opening experience and add additional value to the products.


The Design Futures packaging team then designed a box packaging concept that would provide Slime Party UK the opportunity to protect their product while ensuring they stand out on the shelf. The packaging included a handle to allow the customer to carry the product without purchasing a carrier bag and encouraging them not to throw the packaging away as soon as the kit was opened by displaying a ‘collect them all’ offer. The packaging could also be used as a method to store the kit elements during the lifespan of the product. Together these elements helped maximise both product visibility and reduce impact on the environment.


Working collaboratively, both the Design Futures branding and packaging design team ensured the box structure and packaging graphics complemented each other to help Slime Party UK take their products to retail.

The results

Following the development of the branding, John and the team worked with Slime Party UK and created a new packaging retail range. The range consists of 5 slime kit variations, all packaged in easy to carry carton board boxes with bold product specific graphics for each kit variety. The final packs have been produced by a Yorkshire-based company, replacing packs that were previously sourced from outside the UK.

“Working with John and the Design Futures team has added a totally different dynamic to our business. Our new retail facing kit packs are a great success and have already opened new business opportunities for us. The development work produced for our branding has improved our visual appeal and we have received great feedback from our customers. The Sheffield Innovation Programme funding has been invaluable to us and introduced us to not only the packaging design team at Sheffield Hallam, but also led to us accessing other support in other areas of expertise.”

Ruby SheldonOwner, Slime Party UK

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