Rejuvenated, founded in 2003 by health and wellbeing expert Kathryn Danzey, is a multi-award-winning supplement company based in Sheffield. Rejuvenated currently has a range of products which are stocked in over 200 beauty and aesthetic clinics internationally.

The challenge:

Rejuvenated has a strong commitment to finding the most sustainable packaging solution and had engaged in an iterative process to find the most suitable materials. This had resulted in problems with barrier performance and a lack of brand consistency across the different formats.


The company needed support to find the most sustainable packaging solution that considered the environmental implications across the whole product lifecycle and global distribution chain. They also wanted to bring visual coherence across the range of products and make the brand stand out in digital markets and on social media.

What we did

Creative Director of Design Futures Packaging, John Kirkby, introduced Kathryn and Rejuvenated’s designer Russ Danzey, who created the established company brand, to Natalie Turner, Design Futures’ highly experienced Packaging Researcher.


Natalie provided packaging research insight on materials and visual identity for social media, which gave Kathryn, Russ, and the team the confidence to fully redesign the company’s product packaging.


Through the Sheffield Innovation Programme, Kathryn and Russ worked with the Design Futures team to produce a new design that clearly represents the company’s premium range of ‘Beauty from Within’ skincare supplements.


Nick Waddington, Senior Designer at Design Futures, who produced the new design concepts for the relaunched packaging range said: “Over time, pack designs can become overcrowded and lose clarity with too much information, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to de-clutter the key aspects of the brand with a fresh, confident new look. Natalie’s research provided a clear design strategy to ensure the new pack’s work in both retail and online spaces and offer optimal sustainability solutions”.

The results

The project has seen the company relaunch their products under a stunning new look across the full product range in fully recyclable packaging. Russ Danzey has taken the new design concept and implemented it across the full packaging range. The company has 11 core products in their range and the new design presents them as a family of products, whilst providing each one with its own easily identifiable look.


 “The Sheffield Innovation Programme funding helped Rejuvenated access the full design service available from the Design Futures team. The initial research helped set a defined brief for the work and this proved invaluable for both informing the design process and for providing Kathryn, Russ, and the team the reasoning and direction for the proposed new look. We are delighted with this outcome and are excited to see how it will help the Rejuvenated team meet their rightly ambitious goals.” John Kirkby, Design Futures.

“Since 2020, we have been searching for the best packaging solutions to reduce our impact on the planet. Initially we launched compostable packaging, however over time it became evident that the film within the pouches did not provide adequate protection for our products.

Through funding from the Sheffield Innovation Programme, we engaged Design Futures Packaging to research the best sustainable materials available. The project also covered the cost of a total rebrand to celebrate our upcoming 20th anniversary. We are absolutely delighted with the results, and the feedback from our customers has been incredibly positive. The new colourful packaging is incredibly impactful on our website and social media channels.”

Kathryn DanzeyFounder, Rejuvenated

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