Sustainability is at the heart of everything iinouiio stands for. They believe in using textiles for as long as possible by producing a range of high-quality products from fully recycled wool. Currently based in Barnsley, the company has installed the first wool and luxury fibre recycling line (for re-spinning) since the last one in the UK closed in 2000.

The challenge:

To bring their products to retail, iinouiio required a range of sustainable packaging solutions that would reflect the values of their products. The packaging needed to be as environmentally responsible as possible and present the products to the customer in a way that clearly communicated the sustainable stance of their brand. The packaging had to provide the required presentation and protection for online sales while ensuring it stood out on shelf in a traditional retail environment.  As a growing business, budgets were tight and therefore minimum order quantities and costs per pack needed to be as low as possible.

What we did

Through the Sheffield Innovation Programme (SIP), Sheffield Hallam’s award-winning designers at Design Futures Packaging (DFP) worked with iinouiio to develop a range of packaging solutions.


DFP researched the existing market and cross category packaging formats before producing initial structural packaging designs which would cover the clients’ requirements. DFP’s aim was to produce as few packaging formats as possible across the full range of products, whilst implementing a range of packs that would work for traditional retail environments, online sales and exhibiting at fairs and markets.


DFP used their expertise to specify materials and construction methods that would offer the best sustainable solution at a viable purchase and production cost. They also considered the most economic and environmentally responsible way to apply the required graphics to the packaging.


DFP presented initial designs to iinouiio, allowing the client time to undertake a detailed assessment of their options. Following detailed feedback from the client, DFP developed a chosen range of initial packaging concepts, continuing until they received approved designs. They made a pre-production batch of each pack so the client could run packaging trials, allowing them to gain full confidence in the solutions before a production run was purchased.

The results

Since working with Design Futures Packaging, iinouiio have implemented all five of the unique pack designs that were created for them. The packaging has been used to both display and distribute products to their customers.


The pack formats designed were made from fully recyclable kraft corrugated and solid boards and the graphics were applied on recycled paper labels. No lamination was applied and the natural colour and feel of the material is used to convey the sustainable message iinouiio wanted. Two of the packaging solutions DFP designed presented the kits for market stall retail and incorporate a built-in carry handle to eliminate the need for an added carrier bag, also emphasising the sustainable messaging the client asked for.


As a range, the natural brown colour of the packaging provides a strong back drop for the vibrant natural colours of the products. Open window cut outs and strong product photography on the labels help the products to stand out.


iiouiio have a clear production plan and costings in place to develop the packaging requirement as the company grows. The company has also received a Capital Expenditure Grant of more than £150,000. The funds will be used to occupy new premises later this year, giving the company capacity to run a larger operation.


Support was also provided through the Scale Up 360 programme.

“Working with John Kirkby and team at Design Futures has been highly beneficial for us. We have already had so much feedback from businesses who think the packaging looks really professional.”

John ParkinsonCo-founder of iinouiio

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