Golfkinetix provide a high-level of golf coaching from its base at Bawtry Golf Club. The company is led by PGA professional Marcus Bell, who specialises in 3D swing analysis and has expert biomechanical knowledge that drives his interest to innovate golf coaching methods.


The challenge:

Marcus Bell observed that gait dysfunction, such as reduced foot and ankle mobility, could affect the timing of hip motion during the golf swing. This might restrict kinematic coupling between hips and ankles, adversely affecting downswing mechanics prior to ball impact.  The purpose of this project was to assess foot and ankle mobility of 24 participants during walking and golf swings (7 iron and 1 driver).

What we did

Using three-dimensional motion capture, a hybrid lower-limb and multi-segment foot model was used to assess foot function associated with hallux rigidus; a common and degenerative condition reducing foot mobility.

The results

Following data capture and processing, a bespoke, data visualisation program was developed to handle the large volume of data generated. This has allowed the client to directly compare and explore the relationship of foot mobility parameters (e.g. hallux dorsi / plantar flexion) to key elements of the golf swing during stance and swing, for both left and right limbs. This represents an initial step for understanding foot pathology in golf and provides an evidence-base to support the client’s practice regarding foot mobility. The client has been provided with a graphic visualisation tool to view the data in detail.

They say

“The project exceeded my expectations, and has been groundbreaking research, identifying some key performance variables in lower body mechanics.  This is a new field in golf coaching, and the data collected, and the analysis software created has enabled key movement patterns in the golf swing to be identified, which have never before reported in the golf swing. The project has helped me develop new coaching applicationsand create a new golf biomechanics program, adding a new element to my practice and enhancing my service offered, and provided an opportunity for further research.  The project output has also led to the design of a golf training aid for lower body mechanics, which is currently in prototype development.”

Marcus Bell, Golfkinetix

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