The challenge:

GoalFix Sports produce blackout eyeshades suitable for blind participation sports where total light blackout is required. The shades are used globally in football, goalball, cricket, and tennis. Goalfix approached Centre for Sports Engineering Research (CSER) at Sheffield Hallam to help them develop their next generation eyeshade to ensure they remain the leading brand in the market.

What we did

CSER evolved the current design of eyeshade to optimise performance, user comfort, and product safety. In order to minimise the possibility of obtaining partial vision through manipulation of the mask during play, the nasal cover was re-engineered, and a novel foam seal was created around the eye socket.


Product ergonomics were optimised to ensure fit and complete comfort during match play. Careful consideration was given to design and material choice, where safety was a prime factor as users are occasionally struck in the face whilst wearing the shades.


The design was taken from concept, through prototyping and assessment, through to final tool manufacture.

The results

CSER have developed the next generation of blind participation sport blackout eyeshade for Goalfix Sports, to strengthen their position as leading brand in the market. Following tool manufacture the mask entered immediate production, for launch at the 2017 Blind Football European Championships held 17th -27th August in Berlin. The shades were the first to be endorsed by the International Blind Sports Association (IBSA), have been used at all major international blind football events since, and are due to be used at the Tokyo Paralympics.

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