In their capacity as organisational psychology consultants, Broadhead Performance (BP) work with the senior leadership teams of organisations to support employees in significant change initiatives.


The challenge:

As a way of getting teams to reflect on how they are putting stress management interventions into practice and to assess their wellbeing, BP ask staff to answer three questions on a daily basis. The mode of delivery was through an Excel spreadsheet, but this method was deemed sub-optimal.  A clear improvement would be through a phone app for staff data input that would also allow them to monitor their own results.

What we did

The project developed a functional IOS and Android app for the client to trial with their client.  Following initial trials with the user group some modifications were made to improve functionality for the user and for the back-end data management and report overview. This created a more robust product that could be used with confidence with other clients.

A mobile device app has been developed and is now one of the tools that BP uses as part of their service to clients.  The app was first used with a corporate client on 17th January 2019.   Hosting of the app and database is in the process of being moved from SHU to BP control now that the project has completed its development and trial phase.

The results

BP will continue to use the app with their main client through to March 2021, which will provide a substantial data set and experience to measure the performance of the product.  BP is also in the process of designing a package for other organisations that will include group education and individual clients.

They say

The app has had a very positive impact on the business.  Our client’s staff report finding the app useful to monitor their wellbeing and to remind them to carry out wellbeing activities.  I am really pleased with all the work SHU has done. We have been using it with a small group and are just about to let a larger number use it so it will be good to see how they respond.  Thank you for all your help with this.”

Sarah Broadhead, Director.

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