‘Science of Brewing’ workshop goes down a treat

By 27th June 2017 No Comments

Through the Sheffield Innovation Programme, Sheffield city region breweries were invited to spend two days learning about the science behind the brewing process and yeast cultivation and tour the microbiology labs at Sheffield Hallam University.


Over the two days, topics covered the whole brewing process, from the molecular process and chemistry of brewing, to mashing temperatures, hop molecules and the storage of yeast. The workshops aimed to give breweries a wider knowledge of the whole brewing process and information on how to prevent and remove ‘off flavours’ in beer, as well as safe storage in the whole process. Brewers brought their own beer samples to test in the microbiology laboratory to look for impurities, analyse yeast samples and test for contaminants and flavours.


One brewer commented “I was very impressed with the facilities” with many interested in working further with the university’s flavour profiling and tasting panels in the food science department.