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The Tinsley Bridge Group is made up of four award winning engineering businesses, Tinsley Bridge Suspensions, Tyzack Machine Knives, Tinsley Bridge Services and SCG Solutions. From its origins as a spring maker, the company was the first to develop the parabolic leaf spring technology which is now fitted to over 80% of truck suspensions globally. It was a ground breaking component at the time (1967) and helped the company to establish itself as a technical leader in the automotive sector.


Tinsley Bridge went to the Mercury Centre as they were not getting the results they were expecting from trials on a new truck stabiliser bar.

Stabiliser bar

What we did

Using the Mercury Centre’s modelling capabilities the firm was able to assess the component prototype against a range of variables. The modelling capabilities of the Mercury Centre were used to assess and enhance component safety, weight, load, tolerance and fatigue levels.

The results

As a result of the findings the company were subsequently able to refine its design and move on to the next stage of development. The support from the Mercury Centre has played an integral role in the firm’s product development process, improving the technology readiness levels of it new products.


It will help Tinsley Bridge to maintain its credibility in the marketplace and retain and grow its customer base and profit margins in a competitive marketplace. Successful commercialisation of this component will create the potential to grow the firm’s automotive business by increasing its EU market share and targeting new sales in growing global markets.


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It certainly helped me knowing that my work was applicable in the real world. I saw all elements of the company – design, process and manufacturing.

Dr Heather DriscollSports engineering researcher, Centre for Sports Engineering Research

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