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Doncaster-based meat company Anglo Beef Processors (ABP) came to us with a problem that needed to be solved immediately. Their major retail customer had decided they wanted their range of meat products to be delivered in a new, smaller crate size and this would mean costly changes to their ABP’s production schedules and outputs. ABP wanted an independent report to identify the true cost to the company, so they could show their customer and re-negotiate to reflect the true commercial value of these new products.


What we did

Through our funded Innovation Futures project, we were able to provide the expertise to develop a dynamic simulation model of the production facility to look into process issues. Using the results from this model, we carried out a detailed analysis on the impact and associated costs involved.

The results

We presented the company with a detailed, independent report, giving them a greater understanding of their processes. It was a strong negotiating tool to take back to the customer –safeguarding jobs, profitability and increasing sales. Nick Taylor, financial controller at Anglo Beef Processors was particularly impressed by the speed with which we were able to carry out the project, ‘We approached Sheffield Hallam University at short notice to carry out an independent review and report on key findings. The team met the challenge and the report has been useful in highlighting the company’s position.’


Based on these dealings, we would look to use Sheffield Hallam University in the future

Nick TaylorFinancial Controller, Anglo Beef Processors

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