Cannon Electrical Services Ltd, an electrical contracting company


The company install smart electricity meters, which provide detailed data on electricity consumption. They wanted to produce software capable of reading this data in real time and displaying it to their customers – so they could see exactly how much electricity they were using at any given time.


What we did

By using expertise through our funded Innovation Futures project, we worked with the company to produce a feasibility study and build a prototype of the new software. We then helped them to develop a new web-based application which would control the meter and access the data remotely.

And we added a number of new features to the software, including the facility to connect several meters to a single PC or laptop, minimising hardware costs. Paul Cannon, owner of Cannon Electrical Services, was able to trial the new software in numerous meter installations in Leeds and Bradford, including for Bradford City Council.

The results

Realising the potential of this new development, Paul negotiated a deal with his meter supplier which allowed him to become the sole approved importer of the meters in the UK. He also formed Intenwatch, a new limited company that gives organisations the information they need to meet their requirements on carbon emissions. The partnership with Sheffield Hallam University was pivotal to the formation of this new company. ‘Prior to meeting with Sheffield Hallam, we had been in discussions with two other higher education institutions and neither had been able to produce the software we required.’


Without the help and professional support of Sheffield Hallam University, we would never have got our product off the ground.

Paul CannonOwner, Cannon Electrical Services

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